Firm creates app for overseas buyers to access Japan's fish catch

A Japanese company has tapped into growing demand in Asia for fresh seafood, allowing overseas customers to use a smartphone app to order freshly caught fish from ports across Japan and ensuring hassle-free delivery.

Uuuo, Inc., acting as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, recently delivered red seabream to Thailand in an initial foray into the global market, the Hiroshima-based company said in a press release.

Overseas importers are able to utilize the app "Uuuo importer" to look through listed pictures of seafood from numerous ports in Japan as well as obtain information on the fishing method, landing date and delivery date, simplifying a procedure that often requires phone calls.

The fish will be delivered after Uuuo arranges the dates and steps for transport with a third-party exporter.

Importers are able to buy fresh fish from around 100 ports across Japan after obtaining daily information regarding the type of seafood available and its quantity. Uuuo is also exploring new production areas.

Customers are additionally able to request certain types of fish not listed on the app, the company said.

Japan's seafood exports last year rose to a record 387.3 billion yen ($2.91 billion), up 28.5 percent from a year earlier, supported by the yen's weakness as well as an increase in people flocking to restaurants amid an easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

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