URGENT: G-7 fails to set deadline for phase-out of coal power generation

Climate and energy ministers from the Group of Seven developed nations on Sunday failed to set a deadline for phasing out coal power generation following their two-day meeting in the northern Japan city of Sapporo.

The ministers, meanwhile, reaffirmed a G-7 commitment to achieve "a fully or predominantly decarbonized power sector by 2035," according to a joint communique issued after their meeting.

They also underlined a commitment to accelerate the phase-out of unmitigated fossil fuels so as to achieve net zero in energy systems by 2050 at the latest, the communique said.

They agreed to collectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions from G-7 vehicle stock by at least 50 percent by 2035 or earlier compared to the 2000 level as a halfway point to achieving net zero.

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