Biden, Sunak agree to boost cooperation on supply chains, AI

U.S. President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak agreed Thursday to boost cooperation on securing supply chains for key industrial materials, ensuring safety in the development of artificial intelligence and various other economic challenges.

Following a meeting in Washington, Biden and Sunak issued an "Atlantic Declaration" document outlining plans to strengthen national and economic security for the two partners in the years to come.

"We face new challenges to international stability -- from authoritarian states such as Russia and the People's Republic of China; disruptive technologies; non-state actors; and transnational challenges like climate change," the declaration said.

Biden told a joint press conference with Sunak that the two also discussed their "unwavering support for the people of Ukraine."

Visiting the White House for the first time since becoming Britain's leader in October last year, Sunak singled out China and Russia as threats that the two countries, both members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, need to address.

"Countries like China and Russia are willing to manipulate and exploit our openness, steal our intellectual property, use technology for authoritarian ends, or withdraw crucial resources like energy," Sunak said. "They will not succeed."

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