Japan to set out guidelines for future defense technology equipment

Japan's Defense Ministry plans to set out guidelines for defense technologies that the country will prioritize for development, citing a dozen areas including innovations in miniaturized robotic technology, a source familiar with the matter said Saturday.

The guidelines are intended to encourage increased cooperation between government agencies, companies and research institutions to develop key defense technologies over the next decade, in an effort to counter Chinese and Russian state-of-the-art weaponry.

The envisioned defense technology guidelines will vow to "think outside the box, push the boundaries and pursue new capabilities," the source said.

The 12 areas the agency will focus on will include technologies such as insect-sized robots, electromagnetic barriers, and capabilities for utilizing large datasets to make better strategic predictions.

The guidelines will also recommend the development of technology that utilizes unconventional methods of energy production and special materials capable of regenerating after being damaged.

Additionally, the guidelines will call for increased collaboration not only with the country's defense industries but also with startups and universities, according to the source.

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