Baseball: NPB, teams come together, donate to disaster relief

Nippon Professional Baseball and its 12 teams announced Tuesday they are contributing 100 million yen ($680,000) in disaster relief for a powerful earthquake on New Year's Day, and will stage a 2026 All-Star Game in the disaster-hit region.

The donation is being made through the Japanese Red Cross Society. The All-Star Game will be held at Toyama Prefecture's Alpen Stadium in July 2026 as part of that year's All-Star series to further support reconstruction in the area.

Toyama neighbors Ishikawa Prefecture, which has suffered the brunt of the damage from the magnitude-7.6 temblor.

A moment of silence was observed at Tuesday's meeting of NPB's 12 managers, chaired by Hanshin Tigers skipper Akinobu Okada.

"The front offices and players have come together, and every team wants to cooperate," Okada said.

NPB's umpires have donated 300,000 yen.

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