MH370: Fisherman says he FOUND missing Malaysian Airlines plane as he shares info that could help search

An Australian fisherman has spoken out about the missing MH370 plane, claiming he found the aircraft several years ago.

Kit Olver, said he found the wing of a large commercial airline floating in the water in October 2014.

And most importantly, the 78-year-old says that it was in an area of water that search crews did not check when hunting for the lost Malaysian Airlines aeroplane.

Olver first broke his silence in December 2023, but has spoken out further as part of a new documentary airing in Australia to mark 10 years since the flight disappeared.

MH370 vanished around 38 minutes after leaving Kuala Lumpur airport in southern Malaysia on March 8, 2014.

"It was the wing off a bloody aircraft," Olver told 60 Minutes.


MH370 artist impression and fisherman Kit Olver

However, the fisherman explained he was forced to leave the wing where he found it because it was too heavy.

Certain the debris belonged to MH370, he explained that it was among the first thoguhts he had when he saw the part of the aircraft.

He said: "Pretty much as soon as we saw it, we thought it. Of course we did.

"We got a pretty fair look at it."

\u200bMH370 plane

Relatives of those who died on board the plane are desperate for a new search to be commissioned to help find the wreckage of MH370.

Jacquie Gonzales, whose husband Patrick Gomes was on the plane the day is disappeared said: "I thought we would have answers way, way earlier."

"He's not coming back so we have to accept it, but we still need to know exactly where he is and how it happened," she added.

It comes just one week after investigators involved in the original search for MH370 told GB News thatthe aircraft could be found "in days" with new technology.

Aerospace expert Jean-Luc Marchand and pilot Captain Patrick Blelly said the aircraft could be found with a "five to 15 day" search effort as "increased" technology has improved the capacity of scanning the bottom of the ocean.

A330/A340 Captain Blelly told GB News: "We do expect we can find the aircraft probably in our zone.

"We think we can find it because we think this aircraft was piloted until then and we've a new search lower and softer compared to the previous searches, so we can expect to find this aircraft.

"But we must have a decision from the Malaysian authorities to perform a new search in this area."