Countries close to Russia also doubt expediency of war – Scholz

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that countries that maintain close relations with Russia also have doubts about the expediency of the war of aggression that Russia is waging in Ukraine.

Source: German international broadcaster and media outlet Deutsche Welle (DW); European Pravda

Details: Scholz noted that there was almost no head of government in the world who believed that this war made any sense for Russia.

"This also applies to those who are very close to Russia," he said.

DPA reported that Scholz pointed out that during his recent visit to China, he agreed with the Chinese leadership on the need to hold an international peace conference, which is scheduled to be held in Switzerland, to end the war unleashed by Russia.

He believes that talks with Chinese officials about the war in Ukraine during his recent trip gave a "very important impetus" to diplomatic efforts to achieve peace.

"Diplomatic efforts are something that are indispensable in this time-consuming process, and I am grateful that Germany and I personally have also been able to contribute," Scholz said.

He added that diplomatic efforts are "still a plant that needs a lot of watering... but it is something that exists and that we are nurturing."


  • Earlier, Scholz said that he would continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine, but at the same time he wanted to intensify diplomatic efforts to end the war unleashed by Russia.
  • The inaugural Peace Summit – a two-day high-level conference on resolving the war in Ukraine – will be held in Switzerland on 15-16 June.
  • Russia had already said it would not participate in the talks.
  • President Zelenskyy said that some "representatives of the continents" would hand over the details of the peace plan developed in Switzerland to Russia.

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