Chris Pratt gives his wife a 'hall pass' to date another celebrity - 'I can't blame her'

Chris Pratt jokes he’s given his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, a hall pass to date the musical icon Usher.

Everybody is familiar with the hall pass concept, right? It’s when you’re essentially permitted by your partner to have a bit of fun with one famous person, in the unfathomable event you ever meet them. Mostly it’s just a bit of fun to find out your partner’s biggest crush. Of course, most will never meet their chosen hall pass, which is why it’s always far more intriguing to hear about hall passes between celebrity couples. On that note, Chris Pratt has indeed spoken…

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Chris Pratt says his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger’s hall pass is Usher

The 44-year-old Hollywood actor best known for roles in the Jurassic World franchise and Guardians Of The Galaxy movies has revealed that the R&B legend Usher is his wife’s hall pass.

Chris married Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in 2019 and the pair have two children, Lyla and Eloise. Chris also has a son named Jack with his ex-wife Anna Faris.

The 45-year-old singer behind club hits like Yeah! performed at the Super Bowl earlier this year and Chris captioned the footage of his wife dancing: “When Usher sang ‘Don’t leave your girl around me,’ was he talking to me?”

Speaking with ET, Chris revealed Katherine “knows every word” of the man’s songs. “I didn’t even know that until we were doing a little road trip and she started putting on Usher. And man, she knows every single word, so I guess Usher’s her hall pass. I can’t blame her.”

They do say that everybody gets one, and he seems to agree she’s chosen wisely.

As it turns out, Usher got married earlier this February to Jenn Goicoechea, after divorcing ex-wife Grace Miguel in 2018.

Chris’ latest roles have provided more time with his family

With recent parts in animated movies like The Super Mario Bros. Movie and The Garfield Movie, Chris has been embracing voice roles rather than live-action as of late, but there’s sweet motivation for that.

“A lot of times, work as an actor, it’s such a blessing, but one of the downsides is it can take you out of the country or out of the state for an extended period of time,” he told ET. “So being able to do voice work was really nice because you get to come home at night and sleep in [your] own bed.”

Taking voice roles has given him more time to spend with the family. His daughter Lyla is 3, Eloise is approaching 2, and his son Jack is 11.

Not only that, but he admitted that he “loved” both Mario and Garfield growing up, so has been vocal about his pleasure in breathing new life into the characters. “It’s just such a blessing,” he said. Any other confessions, Chris?

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