Russian Federation reports losses on border with Ukraine

Russian Federation complained about losses in the war in Ukraine (photo: Russian media)

Russian Federation loses border guards of the FSB and a fighter from the Rosgvardia special forces unit Akhmat on the border with Ukraine. Dozens of Russians reported wounded, according to the Telegram channel ASTRA.

Three soldiers were killed, and 27 more were injured in the last five days due to shelling of the border. Among the injured are two conscripts, FSB border guards, and a fighter from Akhmat, ASTRA reports.

According to preliminary data, all three died during shelling in the Belgorod region on May 10 and 11, near the villages of Bilyanka, Zhuravlivka, and the town of Gorkovsky.

It is also known that from May 9 to 12, 27 servicemen were injured during attacks:

  • nine employees of the border management of the FSB (near the village of Chasovnia in the Bryansk region, Hordieievka in the Kursk region, Shchetinovka in the Belgorod region);
  • eight servicemen of the Russian Ministry of Defense in the Belgorod region (in the area of Bogun-Gorodok, Lozovaya Rudka, Belyanka, Zhuravlyovka, Gorkovsky, Malinovka, and Balky farm);
  • six servicemen of the Russian Ministry of Defense in the Kursk region (in the area of Amon village, Tyotkino village);
  • one serviceman of the Russian Ministry of Defense in the Bryansk region (Brovnichi village);
  • a fighter from the Chechen Akhmat (near the Sudzha border crossing point in the Kursk region), he suffered a concussion.

In addition, two 20-year-old conscripts were injured during the shelling. They were serving in the Kursk region, two kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

Shelling of Belgorod and the region

Recently, Russians complained about explosions in Belgorod and the region. Allegedly, the Russian air defense system was operating there, but infrastructure damage was recorded.

Later, there were reports of an explosion in the city during which the entrance of one of the residential high-rise buildings collapsed.