Tori Spelling got double belly piercing as Mother’s Day gift

Tori Spelling got a double belly piercing as a Mother’s Day gift.

The ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ actress, 51, said her five children marked the date in the US on Sunday, 12 May by watching her get the matching silver stomach studs.

She said on her ‘MisSpelling’ podcast she was “really proud” of her stomach and had been wearing “a lot of crop tops lately.”

Tori – who has son Liam Aaron, 17, daughter Stella Doreen, 15, daughter Hattie Margaret, 12, son Fin Davey, 11, and son Beau Dean, 7, with her estranged 57-year-old actor husband Dean McDermott – added: “I’ve had five babies. I’m really proud at my stomach. That’s, you know, it’s gone in and out five times and it’s good.

“And I feel like, you know, my thing back in the day, like full circle, was my belly. I always showed off my belly because that was one of my favourite parts of me.

“And now I do it again and people are like, stop dressing like a teenager.

“My kids know me so well.”

Tori said about why she got two belly piercings for Mother’s Day: “I hate odd numbers, you know I like everything in pairs.”

Tori recently said on her podcast she still has chipped teeth from kissing Jason Priestley.

She revealed she had a smooch with her co-star on the show “way before” he married his first Ashlee Petersen in 1999.

Tori said: “My teeth are chipped. Thank you, Jason Priestley.

“I have a chipped front tooth from making out with Jason Priestley in an elevator.

She added now 54-year-old actor Jason is a “good but aggressive kisser”.

Tori went on: “I was shooting a TV movie in Vancouver, he was directing a TV show in Vancouver.

“Yeah, we had a fun summer.”

She added Jason “broke (actress Jennie Garth’s) face” with his kissing on ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’, saying: “She says she has TMJ (jaw disorder temporomandibular joint dysfunction) because of him and a clicking jaw.”

Tori also said she thinks she has “brittle teeth” after the same thing happened to her as it did with Jason – with a different man.

She and Dean separated in June 2023 after 17 years of marriage, with Tori waiting nine months to file for divorce.

Tori also recently used her podcast to open up about how she wants her sixth child – but fears no man wants to be with a mum-of-five.

And she told she hasn’t had her heart broken since splitting from her “first love”, 50-year-old actor Brian Austin Green.

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