BBC Rebus star Richard Rankin fuels season 2 hopes as he drops huge update on drama

Richard Rankin has reignited calls for another season of the BBC's latest adaptation of Ian Rankin's bestselling crime novels.

Rebus debuted earlier this year with Outlander star Richard Rankin in the leading role with the finale set to air on BBC One on Saturday evening.

The latest adaptation of Rankin's novels, which follow the adventures of Edinburgh detective John Rebus, has gone down a hit with viewers at home.

With the entire series also available to binge on the Beeb's streaming service, many have already discovered how Rebus' face-off with antagonist Ger Cafferty (Stuart Bowman) had unfolded.

In fact, the show's debut season has been streamed a staggering 10 million times, which prompted leading star Rankin to excitedly share the news with his fanbase.

Writing to his 380k Instagram followers, Rankin penned: "Over 10 million streams on @bbciplayer. Incredible news!

"Thanks to everyone who has gotten involved and watched and for all those of you who have spread the word.

"We couldn’t be prouder of the show. An incredible cast, crew and production. #rebus," he added.

Inevitably, among the congratulatory messages, were many who were now convinced another series feels like a foregone conclusion.

"Loved every minute of it. Great part for you. Makes Roger look so wimpy. Hope there is another season or two or more," one fan praised, referring to Rankin's Outlander alterego Roger Wakefield.

"Series 2 please," a second simply put before a third echoed: "Please tell me it is going to have a Season 2."

"This series is great and hope that there will be a second series," another weighed in before a fifth typed: "It's amazing Richard. Can't wait for next series. Hubby and I both."

And a sixth surmised: "Best series on TV, keeps you on the edge of your seat, hope there is more on the way, perfect casting. Love, love, love xxx." (sic)

At the time of writing, the BBC is yet to give the green light for another series of Rebus ahead of Saturday's finale - but it's a possibility Rankin has addressed before.

Speaking ahead of the show's debut, Rankin admitted he was hoping for another season if fans got behind the series.

"I hope people take out of it what we put in," he told the BBC. :The entire ensemble of cast and crew are immensely talented individuals who all brought their A-game to the series. I think that really shows.


BBC Rebus

"I hope audiences will develop an appetite for more, so that we can bring another series their way further down the line.

"I really hope that people will fall in love with Rebus in the same way that we have."

While most of the reaction has been supportive, the series hasn't been without its controversy after leading star Lucie Shorthouse was the victim of "undeniably racist" abuse.

The actress hit back at the backlash and received swathes of support following the vile comments.