Microsoft rolls out new family safety app for mobile devices

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On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the launch of the Family Safety app, an iOS and Android device application created to help families protect each other's digital and physical safety.

The internet provides everyone with a wealth of information -- perhaps too much when it comes to kids. To help parents and guardians have control over what their children access online as well as capitalize on the positive facets of digital tracking technology, Microsoft has created the Microsoft Family Safety app. 

Each feature on this application has been designed for parents and children alike; for example, every week, both parties receive an email with "highlights of the child's digital activity," like which sites they're on most frequently and for how long.

The app also lets parents set screen time limits and limits on specific applications, giving them the option to restrict how much time their kid spends on, say, gaming apps, while still allowing access to educational apps. Web and search filters give children the freedom to browse the web while parents can rest assured that adult content is out of their reach.

If a kid wants to buy something, parents will be sent a purchase request which they can approve or disapprove, which is aimed at encouraging children to develop good spending habits.

Finally, the application includes location tracking which shows you each family member's last known location on a map. You can also save favorite locations like "home" so that you can quickly check where everyone is.

Parents can enjoy a handful of additional control features to give them peace of mind as their children go out and about online or in the neighborhood.

The Microsoft Family Safety app is available for download now on both Android and iOS devices.