Biden Declared Winner Of Arizona After Decades Of GOP Dominance

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PHILADELPHIA, PA - MAY 18: Former U.S. Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks during a campaign kickoff rally, May 18, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since Biden announced his candidacy in late April, he has...

On Thursday night, President-elect Joe Biden was projected to win the battleground state of Arizona.

Despite Arizona’s long tradition for voting for Republicans, the growth in the Latino population, which strongly favors Democrats, the increase in migrant residents from prominent blue states like California and the unpopularity of Trump with suburban voters were the major factors that helped Biden secure the state.

Arizona’s Maricopa County accounted for 60% of the state’s population and produced the state’s majority of votes for the Democratics.

The Chair of Maricopa County’s Democrats Steven Slugocki said, “Maricopa County won the state of Arizona for [U.S. Senate winner] Mark Kelly and Joe Biden. Here in Maricopa, we committed our resources to contact voters of color, women and traditionally underrepresented groups throughout the state. Our strategy proved to be effective.”

Similarly, Nevada has also been trending blue – it gave Biden a narrow win over Trump in the traditional swing state.

Arizona flipping blue further sealed Biden’s victory in the presidential race against President Donald Trump by giving Biden 11 more electoral votes. Biden garnered a total of 290 votes against Trump’s 217 votes. Pennsylvania put him over the top last Saturday.