Hitachi high-speed trains in Britain suspended after cracks found

©Kyodo News

Rail services in Britain were severely disrupted over the weekend after cracks were discovered in parts connecting the chassis and body of high-speed trains made by Hitachi Ltd, according to local reports.

The cracks were found on metal components connected to the trains' underside, known as the bogie, and disruption to services between London and northern Scotland is expected to continue for a few days, the BBC said.

The trains are Hitachi Class 800 and are operated by London North Eastern Railway Ltd. among other companies.

The British government asked the Japanese company to confirm the extent of the cracking problem and to investigate and report on whether the trains can be operated safely.

Rail Minister Chris Heaton Harris said trains would be returned to service as "quickly as possible" after they are confirmed safe.

Hitachi said on Twitter, "We would like to offer our sincerest apologies to passengers impacted."