The Digital Revolution Cannot Be Ignored by The Music Industry

Innovative technologies have completely changed the music industry. A new company, The Wolf of Marketing GmbH, is revolutionizing artist promotions in a revolutionary way.

There is no shortage of talent or innovative thinkers in the music industry today. Music is fashioned, circulated, and consumed in a totally different way than the traditional music industry could have ever imagined a few decades ago.

The era of digital marketing has created an even playing field for all artists in the music industry since they no longer need to be signed to a record label before their music can be heard. Today, new artists can be streamed and enjoyed on the same social media services alongside popular artists of yesteryear like the Beatles and Elvis and established artists of today, like Riyanna and Beyonce.

Artists and Social Media

Musicians can now interact with their fans at any time on social media. This allows the artists to understand their fan base better than in the past. This unique insight makes them more competitive since their fans have increased awareness of when and where their next performance is, and any upcoming releases. Social media also helps them gather more likes.

Social media is the tool that connects artists with their consumers, and there is no denying the importance of this emotional connection. The result of these types of campaigns is increased awareness, brand trust, and invaluable metrics that are utilized to measure returns.

Just last year, Facebook made exciting changes allowing musicians to add a library of music videos to their Facebook page. This year, Billboard will start considering these video streams into its charts. TikTok continues to encourage musical content distribution and currently dominates the music industry.

Creating Higher Revenues

Many artists have had a hard time over the past year as lockdowns annihilated their incomes. However, a sizable chunk of their incomes had already vanished since physical record sales disappeared.

Streaming from online music providers like Spotify and Apple pay artists royalties, but loads of listeners still download their music illegally. The abundance of music available online has also made it difficult for new artists to be heard. Digital marketing makes it easier for them to increase their fan base and revenues.

Additionally, the artists that nurtured their social media audiences (especially Facebook) over the years are most likely to reap the benefits of social media, but so can those new artists willing to enhance their social media.

Digital Growth Agencies and Music Artists

A new digital media growth agency for the music industry was recently born. The Wolf of Marketing GmbH was started by digital enthusiast Tim Maier and the famous German rapper, Kontra K. The formidable team specialize in social media campaigns, social media marketing, and online shops for musical artists. They both understand the importance of harnessing the power offered by the digital revolution to market the huge talent within the music industry.

Image Credit: The Wolf of Marketing GmbH, Tim Maier

As the co-founder of The Wolf of Marketing, Tim Maier, wisely words the idea behind the birth of their online marketing company: “In times of change the greatest danger is to act with yesterday’s logic!”

The challenges and commitments of the hard-working talents in the music industry make it difficult for artists to promote themselves. Indie digital marketing agencies like Two Story Media and Planetary Group are proving to be worth every cent spent for artists, and The Wolf Marketing has already managed to make a name for itself in the industry.

They recently led one of the most successful campaigns on TikTok so far for Kontra K. The artist sold 30,000 physical boxes, taking the record to gold.

This is by no means Kontra K’s first success. The German musician is based in Berlin and has been rapping his way up the success ladder for over a decade. His hit, Labyrinth made it to number one in Germany and reached the Top Ten in both Switzerland and Austria in 2016. Since then every album released has secured him excellent positions in the charts of all three countries.

Looking into the future of digital marketing

The opportunities to market artists online are constantly increasing. The possibilities of a virtual music industry open an exciting new era in how agencies can promote their artists online. In Tim Maier’s own words: Yesterday’s logic has no place in the music industry of today.

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