Japanese food maker Fujicco prepared to enter Indonesian market

©Kyodo News

Major Japanese processed food maker Fujicco Co. has taken a step closer to selling its trademark soybean-based and other popular namesake brand items in the Indonesian market.

Fujicco recently set up a joint venture with the Masuya group, the local operator of the Japanese-food Papaya Fresh Gallery supermarkets, with production lines set to be installed at a plant near Jakarta with the aim of starting sales early next year.

The venture, PT. Fujicco Foods Indonesia, is capitalized at 24.83 billion rupiah ($1.74 million) and located in Bekasi on the outskirts of Jakarta. It is owned 51 percent by Fujicco and 49 percent by the Masuya group.

Fujicco said it is the first joint venture outside Japan for the Kobe-based company, which is investing about 100 million yen ($917,000) to renovate the plant. It hopes to obtain halal certification for its products as quickly as possible.

Yuki Kato, operating director of Fujicco Foods Indonesia, told NNA that he expects Fujicco-brand products to hit the market as early as January for sales at the Papaya Fresh Gallery chain first before expanding into other stores mainly in Jakarta.

Fujicco is known for its traditional Japanese processed foods made from ingredients such as soybeans and kelp. The Masuya group was founded in 1987 and has since been engaged in food-related trading, wholesaling and retailing businesses. (NNA/Kyodo)