Illegal migrants, guide arrested awaiting transport to Malaysia

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Myanmar guide Mong Fiew (centre) is arrested by plainclothes police in front of a convenience store in Sadao district, Songkhla, on Wednesday afternoon. (Photo: Assawin Pakkawan)

SONGKHLA: Four Myanmar migrants en route to jobs in Malaysia, and their Myanmar guide, have been arrested in Sadao district of this southern border province.

The guide Mong Fiew, 34, was apprehended in front of a convenience store in Sadao district on Wednesday afternoon as he arrived to buy supplies.

His arrest, by a unit of poice and soldiers, followed the earlier detention of four other Myanmar guides who named Mong Fiew as an accomplice.

He led the officials to his rented house in tambon Prik of Sadao district, where there were four other Myanmar nationals, three men and one woman. Two of them had passports, police said.

All were taken for Covid-screening and questioning.

They told officials they were waiting for transport to jobs in Malaysia.