Main events scheduled for June 21-27

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Main events scheduled in Japan for June 21-27:

June 21 (Mon)

-- No major events.

June 22 (Tues)

-- No major events.

June 23 (Wed)

-- One month until opening of Tokyo Olympics.

-- Okinawa to mark 76th anniversary of end of Battle of Okinawa.

-- Bank of Japan to release minutes for April 26-27 policy meeting.

June 24 (Thurs)

-- Two months until opening of Tokyo Paralympics.

June 25 (Fri)

-- Official campaigning to start for Tokyo metropolitan assembly election.

June 26 (Sat)

-- No major events.

June 27 (Sun)

-- 27th anniversary of sarin gas attack carried out by AUM Shinrikyo cult members in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture.