Casey Batchelor reveals daughter's name

Casey Batchelor has named her daughter Daisy.

The 36-year-old reality star and her fiancé Dane Goodson revealed earlier this month they had welcomed their third child - a sibling for three-year-old Florence and 15-month-old Sadie - into the world and the brunette beauty has now shared the name of the tot, though she admitted they had a hard time choosing.

Asked if they chose Daisy before she was born, Casey told new! magazine: "No, we couldn’t find a name. Dane kept saying no to all my suggestions. He hates it when people choose really unusual and different names.

"I was suggesting more out-there names and he was like, “No, you’re not a Kardashian so don’t try and be like one!” [Laughs]

"I was looking through lists of old-fashioned names on Google, as that’s what we both like, and Daisy came up. I said, 'What about Daisy?' and he said, 'I love it!' I think all the girls’ names go really well together."

Asked which unusual names Dane had rejected, she added: "Sayler – that’s how they spell it in America. But Dane said no. I also really liked Pixie but Dane said no to that too."

Although, as with Sadie, Casey opted for an elective caesarian section with Daisy because of a "nraumatic" natural delivery with Florence, the 'Celebrity Big Brother' star revealed things didn't go as smoothly as she'd hoped.

She explained: "She didn’t want to come out. They have to put pressure on you to replicate what would happen when a baby is born naturally through the birthing canal, but Dane was standing next to the assistant who was putting pressure on me and he said she was putting her whole body weight on me and coming off the floor.

"Basically she was jumping on me! And Daisy still wasn’t coming out.

"That was a bit worrying, but thankfully she came out eventually. Then, when they were stitching me up, I felt like someone was stamping on my chest and my heart. I couldn’t breathe properly.

"They had to give me more drugs – I think it was morphine – because my nervous system had gone into shock. My heart and chest felt like they were caving in. That was tough and really scary."

Thankfully, Casey has recovered well from the operation.

She said: "I feel amazing now. With Sadie I recovered well but I was very bruised and swollen, but this time I’m not taking any painkillers and I’m doing well and sleeping well, so I’m in a really happy place.

"Of course I was a little bit sore for the first few days, but after that I felt great."

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