Seer introduced in new Apex Legends season

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A new playable character will be available in the upcoming season of Apex Legends.

Seer has been revealed in a new trailer from developers Respawn as his origin story and deadly abilities are showcased to players.

The new animated short from director Robert Valley explains that Seer was born as an asteroid caused havoc on the moon which left him cursed with deadly glowing eyes.

Seer's mother also bears the "mark of the moth" and players have been warned against making eye contact with the game's newest character - who will be available to players on August 3.

A narrator warns: "Refuse the child's gaze, or be undone. One glance will bring a mountain to dust, a king to a beggar, and an ocean to a desert."

The 'Metamorphosis' trailer chronicles Seer's transformation from sulking child to moth-man killer and the character is said to have "an artist's eye" that helps him to spot things that other characters could miss and capitalise in violent and spectacular fashion.

Seer will arrive to mark Season 10 of Apex Legends, which is titled Emergence, alongside a new Rampage LVG weapon, a Ranked Arena mode, "major changes" to World's Edge and a battle pass with exclusive skins.

Respawn intends to launch the full season trailer at EA Play Live later this week.