Zoom introducing teambuilding games through third-party apps

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Zoom is looking to introduce third-party apps into the video conferencing platform.

The company - which saw a rise in popularity due to the pandemic - is hoping hybrid working becomes the norm, and the goal is to "make meetings more engaging, more productive and actually even more fun".

Speaking to the BBC, Ross Mayfield - Zoom's product lead - is aiming for apps "including video games, casual games, charades, board games, card games, things like that, as a way of playing with friends and family".

He suggested it might not be too far away, noting that companies are already working on relevant projects.

He added: "Game developers are actually building games specifically for team-building exercises, icebreakers and kind of keeping that social connectivity in the changing world."

He noted that the hope is that the "second chapter of Zoom" will see the platform become "embedded in a more useful way" in everyday life.