Fortnite adds licensed Ferrari for players

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Fortnite has teamed up with Ferrari to add its first licenced car into the game.

An image on Twitter shows a red Ferrari 296 GTB with the iconic Prancing Horse badge in view. The battle bus can also be seen floating by in a reflection on the paint.

It marks the first time that Epic Games have worked with a car manufacturer to add a real-world vehicle to the game. The supercar has 818 horsepower and will be available to players from today (22.07.21).

The addition of the Ferrari comes after update 17.20 was released for gamers earlier this week - providing players with a range of brand new perks such as preferred loadout slots, a Bugha skin and a limited-time mode.

The preferred item slots allow players to organise their inventories before finding items rather than having to do it in the midst of combat.

For example, players could slot a healing tool into the fifth slot of their inventory and keep a preferred weapon in slot one.

Bugha, who triumphed in the 'Fortnite' World Cup in 2019, has also been added to the game with their likeness turned into a skin as part of 'Fortnite's' icon series.

A description of the skin reads: "As well as the default style, the Bugha outfit comes with the electrified Bugha elite style and the world champion Bugha style: his bestowed victory attire after winning the World Cup Solo Finals."