Pregnant Millie Mackintosh: I'm slowing down a bit

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Millie Mackintosh feels like she's "slowing down a bit" as her pregnancy goes on.

The 'Made In Chelsea' star is expecting her second child with her husband Hugo Taylor and she is struggling with her energy, admitting sometimes she is exhausted whilst other times she almost "forgets" she is pregnant because she has so much energy.

She wrote on Instagram: "With my third trimester fast approaching, I’m starting to feel like I’m slowing down a bit and experiencing some new symptoms ... I go from having so much energy I almost forget I’m pregnant, and then the next week I’m totally exhausted, I need to nap and am constantly hungry! I’m trying to rest, relax and enjoy this time as much as I can, as I know things are about to change!"

Millie doesn't have headaches anymore but she is struggling with hot flushes.

She added in a lengthy post: "I was having really bad headaches last month but they seem to have gone which is a relief as I just couldn’t function! Headaches have been replaced by regular hot flushes leaving me flustered and sweating ... Uncomfortable Indigestion and heartburn have returned, I had it last time from much earlier on in my pregnancy so at least I’ve got away without until now. I have to carry medicine with me at all times and am a fan of an iced chocolate with almond milk to soothe the burn!"

The 32-year-old reality star is feeling "strained" from the weight of the baby.

She wrote: "I’m starting to feel the weight of the baby and the strain of sharing my body with someone else, I’m struggling with pelvic pain, which I also had with Sienna.

"I find I can’t walk for more than 10 minutes without it flaring up and it hurting so I’m seeing an osteopath weekly and I find a combination of swimming and pilates helps."