Camila Cabello says Shawn Mendes talks in his sleep: 'It would scare the s*** out of me!'

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Shawn Mendes talks in his sleep.

The ‘In My Blood’ hitmaker has a habit of sleep-talking, and his girlfriend Camila Cabello has admitted it used to “scare the s***” out of her when they first began spending the night together.

Speaking during an appearance on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’, she said: "He's always sleep-talked, but it happened a lot during the pandemic because we were going to sleep together every night. I stay up a little longer than he does; I'll be on my iPad or reading or whatever. He's just, like, one of those people who as soon as he gets into bed and five minutes later [he falls asleep]. Like, mid-sentence he'll be like, 'And I—’.

“I would be reading or something and he would just start sleep-talking and it would scare the s*** out of me because he'd just be like: 'Baby! That! Feels! So! Good!' and then he'd go back to sleep. That is the first thing he ever said when he slept-talked, by the way. I don't know. I was like, 'Thank you? I'm not really doing anything right now.' "

And although the 24-year-old singer gets scared by her boyfriend’s sleep talking, she recently praised Shawn, 23, for being "so supportive".

The 'Havana' singer insisted it would have been "weird" if her boyfriend of two years had been cast as Prince Charming opposite her as Cinderella in Kay Cannon's upcoming movie adaptation of the classic fairytale but she was pleased he was by her side throughout the process of making the movie.

She explained: “We watched it while Kay was on Zoom and it was, like, the first time I saw the movie and Shawn was there. And it was just so funny.

“He’s my guy. I love that guy.

“It would’ve been weird [if he played the prince], because he’s my boyfriend IRL.

“[But] he’s the best and I think we are really supportive of each other and always want to see each other."

And Camila recalled how the 'Stitches' hitmaker surprised her on set one day during filming.

She said: "He surprised me the week of the ball and he saw me do one of the scenes. So he was there for the whole beginning of it, and was so supportive. I’m lucky I have some awesome people in my life.”