Fujii wins 3rd major shogi title, youngest to hold 3

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Shogi sensation Sota Fujii set another record Monday by becoming the youngest player to hold three of the traditional board game's eight major titles at 19 years and one month.

Fujii defeated 31-year-old Masayuki Toyoshima three games to two to win the Eio championship, which Toyoshima held since last year after entering the series as the challenger. Fujii took Games 1, 3 and 5.

Fujii broke the previous record set by Yoshiharu Habu, 50, who first held three of the major titles at 22 years and three months before winning all seven major titles that existed in 1996.

Fujii has broken numerous "youngest" records in a game long dominated by experienced veterans, turning pro at 14 years and two months, winning his first major title, Kisei, in July 2020 at 17 years and 11 months and taking his second, Oi, a month later after he turned 18.