Sharon Osbourne had ketamine therapy after "traumatic" exit from 'The Talk'

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Sharon Osbourne underwent ketamine therapy following her "traumatic" exit from 'The Talk'.

The 68-year-old star left the panel show in controversial circumstances earlier this year after a heated exchange on-air about race with Sheryl Underwood, after she defended her pal Piers Morgan over comments he made about the Duchess of Sussex, and she admitted the aftermath was difficult as she felt embarassed and humiliated.

She told DailyMail TV: "I definitely went through a difficult patch at the beginning. I found it embarrassing. The humiliation that people would think that I might be a racist."

Sharon - who had to hire extra security in the wake of the scandal - was able to work through her feelings after turning to the controversial treatment, which is sometimes used by psychiatrists to treat people with depression, on the suggestion of her friend Sara Gilbert.

She admitted: "I went through three months of therapy. I had ketamine treatment and I got it all out. All the tears and everything that I felt, you know. All of that, it's gone."

Despite the tough aftermath, Sharon still believes it was important to speak out and defend Piers after he was branded racist for refusing to believe Meghan's comments in her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

She said: "It was a freedom of speech matter. It was pure freedom of speech. A journalist friend of mine who wrote something that people didn't like and then a few crazies out there go — 'You must be racist, that's why you're saying it' — about my friend Piers. It's like, come on."

Following the discussion 'The Talk' went on hiatus and Sharon is confident that she will never speak to her former co-star again.

She said: We had a disagreement and I told [Underwood] she shouldn't be crying, it should be me that should be crying and that didn't go down well. Then in the commercial break, she wouldn't talk to me. I was begging her to talk to me and she wouldn't, and basically, I said, go f*** yourself."

Sharon also explained that she believes the whole showdown was set up by CBS producers, to save a show she claimed was "in the toilet."

She said: "They didn't cut because they liked the controversy and they liked that everybody would be talking about this because they needed something for the show that was going into the toilet. So they thought, well, she's got the biggest following. Let's go for her. I felt totally betrayed, not protected by CBS. I felt used. I felt like an old shoe... They didn't care. It was a setup and it was set up by one of the executives."