Heather Locklear 'fearful' of TV return

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Heather Locklear was "fearful" of her return to television.

The 59-year-old actress appears as Kristine Carlson in upcoming made-for-TV film 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story' - which is based on the book series by Kristine and her husband Dr. Richard Carlson - and she was apprehensive about her first small screen role in four years.

Speaking to reporters during Lifetime's Fall Movies press event this week, she said: "The challenging part of it was so fearful for me."

One emotional scene which sees Kristine learning her husband - played by Jason MacDonald - has died was shot on the second day of filming.

Heather turned to Kristine herself to help research the powerful moment, and added: "She said, 'It's almost like a child dying.' And that stopped me in my tracks."

Although the star wasn't sure if she'd be able to hit the right emotional level the scene called for, she settled and "felt very safe".

And while Heather - whose last TV role was on 'Too Close to Home' from 2016 to 2017 - had other concerns about remembing her lines after a few years away, she found it "so easy" to get back into old habits.

She told PEOPLE: "I don't know why I was so fearful of memorizing lines, how about getting emotion across."

Meanwhile, earlier this year it was reported Heather "couldn't be happier" with her fiancé Chris Heisser, with sources saying the couple are "in a really good place" as they take their relationship to the next level.

An insider said: "Heather and Chris are in a really good place right now. They couldn’t be happier. They each go out of their way to make the other feel special - she’ll cook for him, he’ll buy her flowers, etc.”

The ‘Melrose Place’ star and her fiancé are high school sweethearts, and their romance dates back to the 70s, although they fell out of touch and only reunited in 2017.

For Heather, the upcoming wedding will be her third, after her 13-year marriage to Richie Sambora from 1994 to 2007, and her first marriage to rocker Tommy Lee, which lasted from 1986 until 1993.