Lottie Moss likens having sex to brushing her teeth

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Lottie Moss has likened having sex to brushing her teeth.

The 23-year-old model - who is the younger sister of Kate Moss - sees sex as an everyday activity and she can't understand the stigma attached to being intimate with someone.

She explained: "I do OnlyFans and I feel like it’s always been stigmatised as dirty and ­disgusting, but sex is great. Sex should be fun and light and a good conversation topic. Everyone has sex, so why should it be shameful?

"It’s something everyone does in the morning. When they wake up, everyone brushes their teeth and everyone has sex. Not at the same time ... well, maybe. It depends on the position! I’m very sex-positive."

Lottie was actually fired by her agency Storm Models after joining OnlyFans.

But the blonde beauty thinks that attitudes towards the platform - which is often associated with sex workers - are now starting to change.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "It’s funny, because I ­got fired from my agency for starting on OnlyFans and then they ­invited me back. I thought, ‘Yeah, if you grovel I will come back. Why not?’

"But it is something that needs to be spoken about because you can’t get away with things like that. In five years’ time people will be sorry they ever went against it. And then OnlyFans models will be on the cover of Vogue."

Lottie has been dating Tristan Evans of The Vamps for two months, but insists she won't compromise her approach to life for anyone.

The model - who previously came out as pansexual - said: "The people I date are very accepting of my choices, and if not, the door is that way."