Lena Dunham marries Luis Felber

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Lena Dunham has tied the knot with musician Luis Felber.

According to People, the 'Girls' creator and her boyfriend married over the weekend.

No further details about the couple's special day are known at this time.

Earlier this year, the 35-year-old actress and writer confirmed her relationship with the Peruvian-English singer - who is known professionally as Attawalpa - after meeting him in London.

She gushed on Instagram: "The warmth of your love is like the warmth of the sun and this will be our year..."

Lena captioned a series of snaps of the loved-up pair: "Feliz Cumpleanos Luis When I was 3 weeks old in downtown Manhattan, I had no idea a baby was being born in England (Winchester, no less!) who would rocket into my life- wearing a lime green polar fleece snood- and challenge so many of my beliefs about myself and the world with magical abandon. Everyone who comes into contact with you- creatively, emotionally, accidentally- is lucky. But I am the luckiest, because that snood is now in our shared chest of drawers.

“The warmth of your love is like the warmth of the sun and this will be our year, took a long time to come..

"Happy Birthday, Lulu @attawalpa (sic)"

Lena had sparked a blossoming romance with Luis, also 35, whom she referred to as the "king of my heart".

And Lena had also confirmed her relationship status and revealed her beau had been writing songs about their dog's "face".

She tweeted: "When I feel sick, my boyfriend makes delicious pasta & rewatches as much BoJack as I want, walks the dog & makes up songs about her face.

"In January, all I Tweeted about was how men are basically refried beans in human form. What I'm saying is, don't quit before the miracle, kids."