Jenna Dewan 'in process' of wedding planning

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Jenna Dewan is still "in the process of planning" her wedding.

The 40-year-old actress got engaged to Steve Kazee in February 2020 but they are still "figuring out the ins and outs" of their nuptials, though they have a lot of ideas.

Jenna told People magazine: "It's been a crazy year for everyone.

"We're kind of still in the process of planning ... but we have a lot of inspiration [and] ideas, and we know the feel that we want to have."

The 'Step Up' star - who has daughter Everly, eight, with ex-husband Channing Tatum, and son Callum, 18 months, with Steve - wants her wedding to have an "ethereal bohemian classic" vibe.

She added: "That is very me and I think it'd be pretty hard to not incorporate those elements in any sort of event planning that I do."

And Jenna wants the day to be "organic", with friends and family at the heart of the celebrations.

She said: ""For sure, our kids will be involved! My family's the most important thing in the world to me. So to have them a part of everything I do [is] a huge priority...

"[We want to be] enjoying the company of who we have, when we're able to have a safe gathering. So, not too much stress."

The 'Come Dance With Me' judge admitted the coronavirus pandemic meant the last year has been more about "surviving", and though they spent most of their days together, she and Steve still set aside time for date nights even while quarantining.

She said: "I think the year, in general, was quite an adjustment for everybody. And I think that it was a lot of surviving, instead of thriving going on.

"I do feel like we found the importance of making time for each other, even when we were all stuck inside the house. It was about: OK, tonight is our movie night, or this is our time together. And that made a huge difference and really helped within everything that was going on around us.

"Even with kids, and with careers, and with quarantine, you just have to carve out the time."