Kelly Clarkson's divorce judge awards her sole ownership of Montana ranch

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The judge in Kelly Clarkson’s divorce case has ruled the Montana ranch where Brandon Blackstock is living belongs to the singer.

The ‘Piece by Piece’ hitmaker and the talent manager have been ironing out the finer details of their divorce in recent weeks, and on Friday (01.10.21), a judge officially declared that Kelly is the sole owner of the ranch property they once shared.

Brandon has been living at the farm since he and Kelly split, and had been trying to argue in court that the home is a marital property that they both have claim over.

However, TMZ has reported the judge in their case ruled entirely on the side of Kelly, stating the ranch falls within the terms of their prenup, meaning anything Kelly bought with her own money is hers.

The news comes as Brandon had been hoping to continue living on the property and officially become a rancher by trade.

It was reported in August that Brandon, 44, “made a very deliberate choice to change his life and become a rancher full-time”, and his career aspirations include sponsoring rodeos and working the ranch.

As of the time of writing, it’s unclear whether Kelly will strike up a deal with Brandon that will allow him to continue to pursue his dream on the Montana ranch property.

Meanwhile, a source recently said Kelly, 39, is “hopeful” she and Brandon will be able to co-parent their two children – River, seven, and Remington, five – effectively.

The insider said: “Coparenting hasn’t been that difficult because Brandon only has the kids 25 percent of the time. Kelly and Brandon don’t communicate directly regarding the kids. They use a computer program that is popular between divorcing parents involved in contentious proceedings, [and also use] nannies and their lawyers to communicate.”

It was also recently confirmed Kelly and Brandon’s divorce has been finalised, although they are still going through the process of splitting up assets and other financial terms.