Katy Perry's daughter's cat obsession

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Katy Perry's daughter has an obsession with cats.

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker has revealed her little one Daisy - who she shares with her partner Orlando Bloom - absolutely loves cats and she thinks it's really "wild" because her fans are affectionately known as Katy Cats.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "She is talking, but she thinks everything is a cat.

"When a person will walk in, she will say ‘Hi, gato!’ I don’t know why she is so fascinated with cats. It’s wild [because] people who love my music, they call themselves Katy Cats. She doesn’t know anything about that, she doesn’t care about any of that, but for some reason the major word in her life is gato. It feels like destiny."

Meanwhile, Katy previously admitted she "never knew about unconditional love" before becoming a mother.

The 36-year-old pop star said: "I never really truly knew about unconditional love. Obviously my mother has that for me, but I didn’t really experience it in the first-person until I had my child. And that was just a whole another level. I think I see through the eyes of a child — like my life and my art always feels playful — so it’s amazing to be able to relate to kids even in your deep 30s. And they still want to hang and find you the most fun adult in the room. That is just the biggest gift in the world."

The 'Roar' hitmaker also revealed that she has been playing lots of classic tunes to her daughter.

Asked if Daisy liked music, Katy explained: "Yeah, she loves music, but I’m pretty specific with it.

"We are on a Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers kick right now. I play lots of old soul, lots of Supremes, lots of 'shake shake shake Senora.' We go into different moods. We went to my gym the other day, and they were playing current pop music, and I was like, 'Oh my god, this is the first time you’ve heard current music!'"