Iggy Azalea says she's 'living a fantasy' after Victoria Beckham's post

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Iggy Azalea felt she was living a "childhood fantasy" after being endorsed by Victoria Beckham.

The 31-year-old rap star is a long-time fan of the former Spice Girl, and Iggy was thrilled to see Victoria post a snap of her on her Instagram Story.

Victoria captioned an image of the rapper: "This is everything Iggy Azalea @thenewclassic!! [laughing emojis] (sic)"

Iggy posted a screenshot of the post on her own Twitter account and admitted to being overwhelmed that one of her childhood heroes was talking about her on social media.

The 'Work' hitmaker wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "Ummm what?! this happened and I’m fan girling the f*** out. Ahhhh! What is life. (sic)"

Iggy subsequently admitted that receiving praise from Victoria, 47, felt like a "fantasy".

She wrote: "Scary spice and posh spice know I exist so really you can’t tell me s***.

"Like, I’m living my childhood fantasy.

"I even live in a tour bus rn like they did in spice world the movie. (sic)"

Iggy - who was born in Australia, but moved to the US during her teens - recalled watching the 'Spice World' movie during her younger years.

One of her followers tweeted: "I saw that in theaters as a first date (sic)"

And in response, Iggy said: "I was too young to be dating anyone but I saw it with my sister in theaters too! Memoriesssss (sic)"

The blonde beauty - who released her debut album, 'The New Classic', in 2014 - subsequently admitted that she was still struggling to come to terms with Victoria's Instagram post.

Iggy said on Twitter: "Imagine checking your notifications and it’s f****** Victoria Beckham!?


"Goodnight! (sic)"