AS BAD AS TRUMP’S BEST (Column, Cartoon and Video)

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I’m going to be honest with you. I got this idea from another political cartoonist. No, he didn’t say, “Here’s an idea, Clay. Take it.” And he didn’t draw this cartoon only for me to swoop in later and traced it. No, he did a cartoon on Biden’s approval and I thought, “What total and complete f—–g bullshit from a hypocrite.” It was also a lame cartoon. I actually don’t even remember the set-up.

I wasn’t going to comment on the cartoon but I was having a hard time suppressing my snark. When a couple of mutual friends made comments on it, I came in to reply to them and said, “Yes, Biden’s numbers are so bad, they’re almost as low as Trump’s highest.” It actually took a few hours before I realized that’s a cartoon. I thought I better do it before someone else read the comment and took it. A few years ago, I posted a tweet and within an hour, another cartoonist messaged me that he was turning my tweet into a cartoon…and his cartoon took my tweet word-for-word. You should only turn Trump’s tweets into cartoons. So, I drew this out last Thursday and I’m still just now getting around to it. Other things keep happening.

It’s fair to go after Biden’s lousy approval numbers. They are down. Last May, his approval rating was 63 percent according to a poll conducted by The Associated Press. Today, another AP poll says his job approval rating is at 50 percent. Gallup has him at 43 percent. Yikes!

One respondent in Atlanta said she voted for Biden but now feels “lukewarm” about him. Weren’t we always lukewarm about Biden and only hot hot hot about getting rid of Trump? Who here had Joe Biden as their choice in the Democratic primaries? Anyone? Bueller? No? Me either. But, I like the guy and I still think he’s doing a good job.

A majority of respondents to the AP poll said they still prefer Biden to Trump. Voters know Biden is still dealing with a pandemic that began under Trump, a pullout of Afghanistan negotiated with the Taliban by Trump, and an economy that favored millionaires, billionaires, and corporations under Trump. And if you’re pissed off about Australian submarines, you’re just looking for something to get pissy over.

Please remember, this border crisis is a direct result from four years of Trump. And, a lot of these numbers are the result of gaslighting. Biden does not have dementia. He’s not being handled. Vice-President Kamala Harris isn’t the secret president puppet master. The borders are not open. Biden is not going to outlaw cheeseburgers and curly fries. But, if he goes after crinkle cut, that’s his ass.

It’s always fair to question and criticize a president. What I find hypocritical is that the goons going after Biden’s approval never mentioned the president’s (sic) approval over the past four years…except when they were lying and gaslighting…or only looking at Rasmussen.

Even if President Biden is at 43 percent, his worst days are still better than Trump’s best. Donald Trump’s average, according to Gallup, is 43 percent. When Donald Trump left the White House, Gallup has his approval was at 34 percent. Five Thirty Eight is a bit kinder and says his approval was at 38 percent.

I’ve brought up this point before and I’m repeating it now: How can anyone state it’s hard to accept Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden? A president (sic) who ignores a pandemic killing hundreds of thousands of people, tells over 20,000 lies, acts like a racist baby with a bleached-skunk pompadour, destroys the economy, and NEVER had an approval rating above 50 percent, don’t win re-election. Plus, how hard is it to believe he didn’t win re-election when he didn’t win the popular vote in the previous election? Plus, that popular-vote loss was to Hillary Clinton, the most gaslighted person in the history of this nation.

I find it very hypocritical for Republicans to go after President Biden for his approval numbers when they ignored Trump’s. This is just another thing on a very long list of things that Republicans have disqualified themselves from screaming about.

Donald Trump is the most divisive president in our nation’s history. He’s stupid, racist, and was more interested in his ratings (which sucked) and what nice things people were saying about him. This is a guy who was a Russian bot, impeached twice and committed insurrection. He is currently rated as the third-worst president in our nation’s history, which makes you wonder what did the other two guys do to get below Trump. Did James Buchanan eat puppies? Andrew Johnson was only impeached once, so what else did he do to be ranked lower than Trump? Slap a nun?

Scabies, leeches, Chlamydia, Tom Brady, the guy who wrote the Kars-4-Kids jingle, and people who say “anywho” are more popular than Donald Trump.

Joe Biden on his very worst day is still light years a better president than Trump. The only people who don’t believe that are cultists…which is also Tom Brady.

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