Jana Kramer's romance with Jay Cutler ends

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Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler are no longer dating.

The 'Voices' singer - whose divorce from Mike Caussin was finalised in July - was spotted on a string of dates with the former NFL player last month, but things have now "died down" between them

A source told 'Entertainment Tonight': "The two briefly spent time together, but things have since died down between them,."

Jana recently revealed she and Jay had run into her ex-husband on one of their dates at the Twelve Thirty Club restaurant and bar in Nashville and she found it an uncomfortable experience.

She said: "You know what's really messed up? My ex was there the same night and the photographer tried to get a picture with all three of us, and I was like 'No, no, no, no, no nice try.'

"And everyone kind of started laughing, but I was like, 'Not happening.'"

Although she was with Jay - who split from Kristin Cavallari in April 2020 after seven years of marriage - Jana admitted it wasn't easy seeing Mike embrace the single life.

She said: "I would say that was really hard to see him there...see him flirt with other girls.

"I mean, granted, I was there as well doing my thang, but it was really hard. You know what was hard? It looked so easy for him.

"It looked like it didn't bother him one second, and that hurt, you know? He's just untamed and uncaged and he's happy."

Jana went to speak to Mike - with whom she has children Jolie, five, and two-year-old Jace - but found their encounter "strange" because he insisted there was nothing "awkward" about them all being there together.

She said: "I was, like, 'This is awkward,' and he's, like, 'Not at all.' And I was, like, 'Ugh, OK.'

"I'm glad that he was fine but at the same time…I talked to my therapist about it and just a little piece of me was, like, it would've been nice [for him] to be, like, 'Yeah, this is hard, but I'm glad we can be cordial.' Just acknowledgment that it might hurt a little bit."