Alicia Keys: Becoming a mother helped me find my power

Alicia Keys “found her power” when she became a mother.

The 40-year-old singer has sons Egypt, 11, and Genesis, six, with her husband Swizz Beatz, and has said becoming a mother helped her find the “strength” to stand up for herself as well as her babies.

She explained: “It’s definitely different. I remember for me; it was just like I found my power. I didn’t have the strength to tell people no by myself because I wasn’t important enough to myself, but that baby was important enough to me that I found my power.”

And Alicia also said she’s now “more considerate” when it comes to her own wellbeing, as she no longer spends all night at the studio without taking a break to go home and see her family.

Speaking to Kehlani for Rolling Stone magazine’s Musicians on Musicians package, she said: “I know what you mean about being more considerate. I used to burn the studio down to the ground. I would be digging for the thing until I was on the floor. I couldn’t figure it out, and it would be seven in the morning and I’m finally going home. Now, I’m at a place where I’m just like, ‘OK, it’s not happening.’ ”

Kehlani, 26, then revealed welcoming two-year-old daughter Adeya – whom she has with her guitarist, Javaughn Young-White – taught them “patience” and evolved their career as a musician.

The ‘I Like Dat’ singer – who came out as a lesbian earlier this year and uses she/they pronouns – said: “My baby gave me patience and a backbone and all these things … So then I’m experiencing relationships, and I’m hella patient now and I have a backbone, and then the songs aren’t these like, ‘Pick me, I’m dying without you’ songs because it all goes back to how my kid made me.

“I think parenthood transforms emotion in general, and emotion is direct creation.”

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