Jodie Turner-Smith: Working makes me a better parent

Jodie Turner-Smith thinks being a working mother makes her a “better parent”.

The 35-year-old actress welcomed her daughter Janie into the world in April last year, and has said that while she does experience “mom guilt” whenever she’s away from her daughter, she knows that working makes her a “happy person” which in turn helps her to be a better parent.

She said: "Of course [I feel guilty], you always do. It's one of those things where you have to think that being a fulfilled and happy person makes you a better parent.

"Plus, she doesn't miss us. She's with grandma! She's having a blast and probably already asleep."

Jodie – who has Janie with her husband, Joshua Jackson – also shared how her journey as a new parent differs from her own mother's time raising her.

She added: "I love being a parent ... I'm very fortunate to have a lot of access and opportunity and support that allows me to do it and not make it as stressful as it can be. But as you know, I think about how my mother did it, and she did not have nearly as much support as I do. I just told her the other day, I was like, 'I'm not built like you! I don't know how you did it.' I'm not built that way."

The ‘Queen & Slim’ star said it’s “beautiful” to take care of someone else, because it helps her “be a better human being”.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: "It's a lot of taking [care] of someone else. But I think it's beautiful to take care of someone or something else because it really helps us be better human beings. Whether you have a dog or a fish or a baby, I think just the consciousness of looking after somebody and not just being so self-centred and self-oriented is really helpful for our world view."

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