Consulting arm of Japan's Hokkoku Bank group sets up Thai unit

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A management consulting firm of Japan's Hokkoku Bank group has launched its first overseas unit in Thailand and is preparing to set up another in Vietnam.

CC Innovation Ltd., which operates under Hokkoku Financial Holdings Inc., said the company formed Thai CC Innovation Co. in Bangkok on Monday with a capital of 8 million baht (about $240,000).

Thai CC Innovation has five staffers -- four Thais and a Japanese. It offers services adapted to the individual needs of clients according to the progress in their overseas business plans in close coordination with parent CC Innovation.

CC Innovation said it is moving ahead with application procedures for launching a Vietnam unit with an eye on opening it in mid-November so they will be able to respond better to the generally high business needs in Southeast Asia.

"There are a total of more than 200 local units of our clients in Thailand and Vietnam and demand is also high from companies considering doing business there," a spokesperson for Hokkoku Bank told NNA of its expansion move.

Hokkoku Financial Holdings was established Oct. 1 as the holding company of Hokkoku Bank. The financial group is based in Kanazawa, central Japan.