Lennon Gallagher's mum Patsy Kensit helped him break into modelling

Lennon Gallagher’s mum Patsy Kensit helped him get into modelling as a teenager.

The model-turned-aspiring rocker has said that after getting scouted while out in east London, he told his ‘Lethal Weapon 2’ actor mother about it, and she said she could connect him to the right people.

Speaking in a video for luxury e-retailer Tessuti, titled ‘Stand Out Stories: In Conversation With Lennon Gallagher’, the 21-year-old star said: “I was walking in Brick Lane, and I was like, 16. I just got an army jacket and I was walking away from the store, this woman pulls me over and was like, ‘You should be a model, take this card. We have a shoot in Africa, you should do it.' "

He opted to not do that particular job, adding: "Because it seemed really sketchy, so I told my mum and she was like, ‘If you want to get into it, I know some people.' ”

However, despite his show business pedigree, Lennon admits to getting “a bit insecure” trying out for modelling gigs.

He said: “It’s always pretty difficult putting yourself up for castings and stuff and putting yourself out there.

"And then there’s like hundreds of people who maybe look a bit like you, look so different to you, and like everyone is going in and out, and you’re like, ‘I’m not going to get this!’ You kind of do get a bit insecure, I can’t lie.”

In the video, Lennon is wearing an array of outfits from the PS Paul Smith Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, and he went on to touch upon the influence his famous father Liam Gallagher has imparted into his musical career, such as introducing him to The Beatles, the Happy Mondays, and The Stone Roses.

He admitted the Oasis frontman has showed him “all that sort of stuff".

Lennon has followed in both his father and brother Gene’s footsteps into the music industry as a founding member of his own band, Automation, alongside his school mate Jesse Hitchman, bassist Luke Chin-Joseph and drummer Otis Eatwell-Hurst.

On their sound as a band, he said: "I’d define it as cacophony, just loud, harsh. It definitely has rock elements [and] experimental, we like to push boundaries as much as we can.”

Tessuti launched the 'Stand Out Stories' series to celebrate the stories of emerging cultural figures while putting some of their must-have clothing in the public eye. Previous instalments have featured 220 KID, Laura Woods, Example, Hak Baker and Chelcee Grimes.

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