JETRO launches trial sales of Nara-origin goods in Singapore

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The Japan External Trade Organization started trial sales in Singapore of products from Nara Prefecture in western Japan jointly with Nanto Bank, based in the prefectural capital.

Products made by nine companies based in the prefecture, such as daily goods, pottery, textiles and supplements, went on display Nov. 1 for a month-long sale at the MELO shop at the Funan Mall in downtown Singapore, the Japanese government-backed trade promoting organization said last week. The shop is test-marketing new Japanese products.

Among the Nara-origin products available there are soap made of persimmon leaf powder, socks made for Olympic athletes and chopsticks made from high-grade Yoshino cedar. Nara is one of top prefectures in terms of persimmon shipment volumes in Japan.

During the test marketing, JETRO sends invitations to local buyers and offers the possibility of online business talks for the goods they are interested in, it said.

It is the first time for JETRO to host trial sales of specialty products exclusively from Nara Prefecture, according to an official of JETRO's Singapore office.

With visits between Japan and Singapore restricted amid the coronavirus pandemic, the test marketing will provide an opportunity for market research for the Nara-based companies and a chance for local consumers to check the quality of the products in person, JETRO said. (NNA/Kyodo)