Houston police admit Astroworld security guard wasn’t injected with needle

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A woman who declined to be named wipes her eyes while viewing a memorial dedicated to those who died at the Astroworld festival outside of NRG Park on Nov. 9, 2021 in Houston, Texas. - Brandon Bell/Getty Images North America/TNS

A bizarre theory about people being injected with drugs at last week’s deadly Astroworld concert has finally been dispelled by police.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner backtracked on the speculation Wednesday, acknowledging that a security guard who claimed he had been spiked in the neck with a needle was simply hit in the back of the head.

“Members of the medical team said that a male security guard had come in and said that somebody had pricked his neck,” Finner said at a press conference.

“We felt that it could have been something ingested. We did locate this security guard. His story is not consistent with that. He says he was struck in his head. He went unconscious. He woke up in the security tent. He says that no one injected drugs in him.”

The wild story came from Finner himself Saturday, when he said at a press conference that the security guard had reported being pricked, then treated with Narcan, which is used to reverse the effects of a drug overdose.

TMZ also cited a source who said someone in the crowd “went crazy and began injecting people with some sort of drug.”

But no concertgoers ever reported such an incident and many questioned the veracity of the claim.

Many attendees, however, have described being crushed and trampled by the crowd, including in dozens of lawsuits filed against Travis Scott and the Astroworld promoters.