Andrew Garfield going through life on a 'pathless path'

Andrew Garfield has "no idea what's going on" with his life.

The 'Tick, Tick... Boom!' actor confessed in 2017 that he felt like a "bit of a f****** mess" and although he admitted "endless" things have changed since then, he still feels the same, but he doesn't think that it is a problem.

He said: “It’s been four years and there’s been an endless amount of things that have changed.

“For all of us and for me. And I think the greatest service I could give is to say, ‘Own the messiness.’ So, sure, I’m still a mess — I have no idea what’s going on a lot of the time. But there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m on a path that is pathless.”

The 38-year-old actor's mother, Lynn, passed away two years ago, and he admitted her passing had a life-changing impact on him.

He told the Sunday Times' Culture magazine: “Something changed in my psyche with the loss of my mother. An awareness of the shortness of life.

"We’re driven in our twenties. It is a vital energy — we stake our claim. Climb the mountain. Slay the dragon. Something changes in your thirties and the dream shifts.

" My mum gave me so much, but one of the main things was to look for opportunities for humility. And to follow the things that matter, rather than the things that we’re told matter.”

Meanwhile, Andrew admitted he hoped he could help "millions" of young boys with his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the comic book franchise, but things didn't work out the way he wanted.

He said: “I thought I could talk on a big screen to millions of young boys. That I could show a kid who is struggling with both extraordinariness and ordinariness where those two things meet.

"It’s our responsibility to tell stories so that something can happen in young people to wake them up into living in a full way. I’d figured out how to get soul into that film, not in a boring way — in a fun Spider-Man way.

“It never happens to the extent I would like … There were people serving different masters. But I don’t think any artist is ever satisfied.”

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