Malcolm McDowell: I don't feel part of the Hollywood scene

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Malcolm McDowell feels disconnected from Hollywood.

The 78-year-old actor - who was raised in Liverpool, England, and now lives in Santa Barbara, California - has confessed to feeling detached from the "Hollywood scene".

He shared: "I’m not part of the Hollywood scene. Actually, Hollywood people still think I live in England."

Malcolm admits that his own approach to movie-making doesn't chime with the culture of Hollywood.

He told The Independent: "They are not making the kind of movies I liked and was in. How many Marvel movies do you want to see?"

Malcolm remains a huge fan of Liverpool Football Club and he's still an avid follower of the soccer team, even though he lives thousands of miles away.

The actor - who has kids Lilly, 40, Charlie, 38, Beckett, 17, Finnian, 14, and Seamus, 12 - said: "I don’t miss it at all because I see every game. They’re all shown live in California.

"Once I got so excited I screamed out loud, and my neighbours knocked on my door they were so worried. And I can tell you the houses aren’t exactly close together. It then turned out they know Liverpool’s American owners, and we’re all coming back to watch Liverpool vs Spurs later in the season. I will be bringing my 12-year-old."

Meanwhile, Malcolm previously admitted he can barely remember any of his on-screen roles.

The veteran star has appeared in around 300 productions during his career, but he doesn't have many vivid memories of his performances.

He said: "People stop me and say: ‘Oh, we loved you in blah-blah’ and I say: ‘Sorry, that wasn’t me.’ And then they’ll show me on their phone or show me the DVD cover and sure enough, there I am. And I have no memory of doing it at all."