Emily Ratajkowski would be 'horrified' seeing a teenager do the same photoshoots she did

Emily Ratajkowski would be "horrified" by another teenager doing the same photoshoots she did early in her career.

The 30-year-old model has opened up about her first topless shoot when she was just 17, and while she found it "validating" at the time, she knows she would feel very different now seeing someone go through the same experience.

Speaking on the 'Changes with Annie Macmanus' podcast, she said: "I think that I had no sense of what was happening other than that it was validating, and felt really validating for older men who ran a magazine to say, 'You're hot'.

"It felt really good to have that. At the time, that's all I focused on. Now looking back, I'm like, 'Wow!'

"I was a child, I actually can visualise that specific picture in my mind and I'm thinking about if I saw a 17 year old in that way now, I'd be horrified because I can recognise how young I was.

"At the time, it just felt really powerful and cool. I think there were things going on under the surface of that that I didn't even realise, was was that I was learning to place a lot of value in how desirable I could be to men."

Meanwhile, Emily also opened up on her experience during puberty, as she started to develop when she was young and had to deal with conflicting emotions at the same.

She added: "I think from, like, [age] 10 to 12, I started to feel it at school with other kids, having boobs and under arm hair - it was very scary.

"It both felt exciting because boys paid attention to me but then also they'd make fun of me for having underarm hair."

Emily noted how her mother let her express herself and "celebrated" her looks and the way the world saw her.

She said: "She really was all about letting me dress how I wanted and whatever. I think also she celebrated the way that the world perceived me as pretty and beautiful, which to me says less about her and more about how our world works.

"Of course you'd want your daughter to be attractive because you know that they might have an easier life."

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