Sir Rod Stewart grew bored of singing Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

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Sir Rod Stewart grew tired of singing 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?'.

The 76-year-old star has enjoyed huge success with the 1978 disco-tinged record - but over time, he became bored of singing it on stage.

He shared: "The only one I used to get tired of was 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?'. That song was like having a pink toilet seat hung around your neck.

"But it's part of that whole disco era, so I don't mind doing it, really."

Rod thinks lyricism has become less sex-obsessed over recent years.

The rock star used to sing about sex all the time at the start of his career, but he thinks the trend has fallen away as attitudes have changed in wider society.

He told the BBC: "We live in a different world to when I was rampant. There was no pornography - all we had was Penthouse and Playboy - so I think the romance has gone out of it somehow.

"I would always put women first. Women were more important to me than my mates. My 15-year-old son is totally opposite. If a girl hangs around, within about 20 minutes, he's like, 'Well, I want to go out with my mates instead.' So that has definitely changed, because I was never like that."

Despite this, Rod admits there are a "few sexy tracks" on his new album, 'The Tears of Hercules'.

He shared: "There's a few sexy tracks on the album, you know? 'One More Time' is about when you break up and you say, 'Oh come on, let's have one more s**g,' although I've never done that myself.

"And the second track ['Gabriella'] is about a girl who decides to give up her virginity and goes out to choose the right guy. They're all sexy tracks."