Twitter stops opening links with AMP on mobile devices

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Twitter has stopped supporting Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on iOS and Android.

The social media platform used to open links posted in tweets using the AMP version of a website, but according to a support page spotted by SEO consultant Christian Oliveira, the site has now axed support for the feature.

The page states that Twitter will fully retire the feature by the end of 2021, but according to data from SearchEngineLand, the retirement process has already been completed.

And according to The Verge, opening a link on Twitter now takes users directly to the regular web page, rather than an AMP version that may be available.

Twitter’s support document doesn’t give a reason for its change in policy, but the feature has been criticised since it was released by Google in 2015.

The controversy surrounding AMP centred around Google’s perceived control of the project, with some critics claiming it was part of an attempt by Google to reinforce its control of the open web.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been rolling out a series of updates recently, including the ability to view full-size images from your desktop, and the much-needed search function on a specific account.

The latter was implemented earlier this month and allows people to search for content from a single account, rather than using the platform-wide search tool.

The new feature started appearing for a small number of users last month, but has now been rolled out widely in the service’s iOS app.