Main events scheduled for December

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Main events scheduled in Japan for December:

Dec. 1 (WED)

-- Finance Ministry to release statistics showing corporate financial results by industry for July-September period.

-- Japan Automobile Dealers Association to release new motor vehicle sales data for November.

-- Princess Aiko, daughter of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, to turn 20.

-- Third-dose vaccination against COVID-19 to start for health care workers.

-- Japan's top buzzwords of 2021 to be announced.

Dec. 2 (THURS)

-- Cabinet Office to release results of consumer confidence survey for November.

Dec. 3 (FRI)

-- No major events.

Dec. 4 (SAT)

-- No major events.

Dec. 5 (SUN)

-- Princess Aiko's coming of age ceremony to be held at Imperial Palace.

Dec. 6 (MON)

-- Japan Automobile Dealers Association to release new motor vehicle sales figures for November on car-model basis.

Dec. 7 (TUES)

-- Cabinet Office to release preliminary composite indexes of economic indicators for October.

Dec. 8 (WED)

-- Finance Ministry to release preliminary balance of payments statistics for October.

-- Cabinet Office to release revised gross domestic product data for July-September period.

-- Cabinet Office to release results of monthly "economy watchers" survey for November.

Dec. 9 (THURS)

-- Finance Ministry to release survey on business outlook for October-December period.

-- Empress Masako to turn 58.

Dec. 10 (FRI)

-- No major events.

Dec. 11 (SAT)

-- No major events.

Dec. 12 (SUN)

-- No major events.

Dec. 13 (MON)

-- Bank of Japan to release December Tankan business sentiment survey.

-- Cabinet Office to release machinery orders for October.

-- The kanji, or Chinese character, that best describes this year's social mood in Japan to be selected.

Dec. 14 (TUES)

-- No major events.

Dec. 15 (WED)

-- Japan Tourism Agency to release number of foreign visitors arriving in Japan in November.

-- Fukuoka High Court's Naha branch to hand down ruling in suit filed by Okinawa prefectural government seeking nullification of land minister's involvement in authorization of work to relocate U.S. air base within Okinawa.

Dec. 16 (THURS)

-- Bank of Japan to hold meeting of its decision-making Policy Board until Dec. 17.

-- Finance Ministry to release customs-cleared trade statistics for November.

Dec. 17 (FRI)

-- Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda to hold press conference.

Dec. 18 (SAT)

-- No major events.

Dec. 19 (SUN)

-- No major events.

Dec. 20 (MON)

-- No major events.

Dec. 21 (TUES)

-- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. to launch H2A rocket carrying communication satellite of Britain's Inmarsat from Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Dec. 22 (WED)

-- Bank of Japan to release minutes of Oct. 27-28 Policy Board meeting.

Dec. 23 (THURS)

-- Former Emperor Akihito to turn 88.

Dec. 24 (FRI)

-- Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to release nationwide consumer price index for November.

Dec. 25 (SAT)

-- No major events.

Dec. 26 (SUN)

-- No major events.

Dec. 27 (MON)

-- Bank of Japan to release summary of opinions from Dec. 16-17 Policy Board meeting.

Dec. 28 (TUES)

-- Most Japanese companies, government offices to have final working day of the year.

-- Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to release ratio of job offers to job seekers for November.

-- Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to release preliminary industrial production index for November.

Dec. 29 (WED)

-- Princess Kako, niece of Emperor Naruhito and younger daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito, to turn 27.

Dec. 30 (THURS)

-- Tokyo Stock Exchange to hold final trading session of the year.

Dec. 31 (FRI)

-- No major events.