Darren Criss spent the COVID-19 lockdown learning

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Darren Criss used the coronavirus pandemic to live his “dream” of learning like he was a kid again.

The ‘American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace’ actor can't help but regret what he didn't do during the lockdown periods, but he admitted it was great to have the time to “read and invigorate” himself through culture.

Reflecting on what he did during the pandemic, he told FAULT magazine: “All I see are the things that I haven’t done, maybe that’s my own neuroses, but if anything, I should take more time to appreciate what I have done because all I see is the vast landscape of things that I have not done yet.

"In my mind it’s a lot of output, but like low visibility…it literally took a global shutdown for me to just have time to read and invigorate my mind and consume culture the way I did when I was a kid. That was a dream.

"I would have preferred it not be by way of a global crisis, but like many people, the silver lining is I did get the time to do a lot of stuff that I, that I’d always want to do.”

During the interview, the former ‘Glee’ star admitted that he loved working in “chaos” but struggled to prioritise all his commitments and “keep the plates spinning.”

He explained: “You know, if I have five plates spinning, one’s gonna fall so I guess a hurdle is trying to really make sure that yes, I can keep the plate spinning, but not at the expense and not at the jeopardy of longevity. I thrive on chaos and, and I work best doing a lot of stuff, but I am envious of those that can just really focus on one thing and have done very well doing that.”

The 34-year-old actor's life is expected to get more chaotic as last month, he and his wife Mia, shared the news they were expecting a baby in the spring of next year on Twitter.

He wrote in the caption of a video playing a heartbeat from a sonogram: "We’ve been making music for years... But this time we made a BEAT. The ultimate collab droppin Spring 2022.(sic)"