Gwyneth Paltrow needs to 'recharge' before holidays

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Gwyneth Paltrow feels like she's "going to crash" in the lead up to Christmas.

The 49-year-old star admitted she needs to take time out to "recharge" in order to have enough energy to prepare for the festive season in between her working commitments and being with her kids Apple, 17, and 15-year-old Moses - who she has with ex-husband Chris Martin - and spouse Brad Falchuk.

She said: "The holiday push is so intense between getting Christmas organised and being a mom and trying to run a business — I feel like I'm going to crash. I like to recharge so I have energy for all of it!"

The 'Iron Man' actress starts gift buying early and while her children are "super easy" to choose presents for, it's not so straightforward with her husband.

She told People magazine: "I am disciplined about it. I make it a project. Brad can be hard to shop for. I'm getting him a wellness thing this year. My kids are super easy, because now they send me like an Excel spreadsheet of what they want!"

Gwyneth is keen to give her house a "home for the holidays kind of vibe" this year, but she may make some changes to her traditional menu.

She said: "We always listen to the Frank Sinatra Christmas album and I cook the same thing — roast turkey, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes and my grandmother's stuffing. Although this year, Brad was like, 'Does anyone really like turkey?' So I might make something else in addition!"

The Goop founder likes to use the holiday season to look over the last year.

She concluded: "It was a hard year to run a business, but it was also a clarifying year and a lot of lessons came from it.

"What's crystallised for me is how tumultuousness is just a part of life. We have this tendency to be like, 'Why are things so hard?' But there are also amazing and happy and wonderful things happening. There is so much space for growth. To be human is to live in this messy gray area — and it's beautiful."