Main events scheduled for January

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Main events scheduled in Japan for January:

In mid-January

-- Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. to introduce robot into containment vessel of No. 1 reactor at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, crippled by massive earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, to assess condition of fuel debris.

Jan. 1 (Sat)

-- New Year's Day national holiday.

-- New Year reception to be held at Imperial Palace.

-- Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, covering total of 15 countries including Japan, to take effect.

-- Gov't to begin employment insurance program for multiple job holders.

Jan. 2 (Sun)

-- No major events.

Jan. 3 (Mon)

-- No major events.

Jan. 4 (Tues)

-- 1st working day of 2022 at most companies, gov't offices.

-- 1st trading session of 2022 at Tokyo Stock Exchange.

-- Shikoku Electric Power Co. to start commercial operation of No. 3 reactor at Ikata Nuclear Power Plant in Ehime Prefecture.

Jan. 5 (Wed)

-- Cabinet Office to release consumer sentiment data for December.

-- Japan Automobile Dealers Association to release domestic auto sales for December.

Jan. 6 (Thurs)

-- No major events.

Jan. 7 (Fri)

-- No major events.

Jan. 8 (Sat)

-- No major events.

Jan. 9 (Sun)

-- No major events.

Jan. 10 (Mon)

-- Coming of Age Day national holiday.

Jan. 11 (Tues)

-- Japan Automobile Dealers Association to release December auto sales by model.

-- Tokyo Stock Exchange to announce results of new market categories selected by listed companies.

Jan. 12 (Wed)

-- Finance Ministry to release preliminary balance of payments statistics for November.

-- Ueno Zoological Gardens to show giant panda twins born in June 2020 to public for first time.

Jan. 13 (Thurs)

-- No major events.

Jan. 14 (Fri)

-- No major events.

Jan. 15 (Sat)

-- No major events.

Jan. 16 (Sun)

-- No major events.

Jan. 17 (Mon)

-- 27th anniversary of Great Hanshin Earthquake that devastated Kobe, vicinity.

-- Bank of Japan to hold two-day monetary policy board meeting.

Jan. 18 (Tues)

-- Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda to hold press conference.

Jan. 19 (Wed)

-- Akutagawa, Naoki literary award recipients to be selected.

Jan. 20 (Thurs)

-- Campaigning to start for gubernatorial election in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

-- Finance Ministry to release customs-cleared trade statistics for December, whole of 2021.

Jan. 21 (Fri)

-- Bank of Japan to release minutes of Dec. 16-17 monetary policy board meeting.

-- Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to release national consumer price indexes for December, whole of 2021.

Jan. 22 (Sat)

-- No major events.

Jan. 23 (Sun)

-- No major events.

Jan. 24 (Mon)

-- Aichi Prefecture to begin opening six large-scale vaccination centers to offer third doses of novel coronavirus vaccine.

Jan. 25 (Tues)

-- Tokyo High Court to hand down ruling on journalist Shiori Ito's appeal in lawsuit seeking 11 million yen in damages over sexual assault by Noriyuki Yamaguchi, former Washington bureau chief of Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc.

Jan. 26 (Wed)

-- Bank of Japan to release summary of opinions from Jan. 17-18 monetary policy board meeting.

Jan. 27 (Thurs)

-- Nissan Motor Co. to launch new Ariya electric crossover sport utility vehicle.

Jan. 28 (Fri)

-- Ruling to be handed down by Tokyo District Court in fraud case involving former chairman of Japan Life Co., Takayoshi Yamaguchi, for scamming around 165 million yen from customers.

Jan. 29 (Sat)

-- No major events.

Jan. 30 (Sun)

-- No major events.

Jan. 31 (Mon)

-- Cabinet Office to release consumer sentiment data for January.

-- Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to release industrial output data for December.